In-Game Special Activity

Turkey Hunting

★Activity Time

Turkey hunting starts at 21:00 ET (GMT-5) November 8th until 00:00 ET (GMT-5) December 1st

Thanksgiving Day is quickly approaching, and there is no doubt that a delicious turkey is an indispensable part of Thanksgiving. The funny thing is these naughty turkeys have stolen Santa's Christmas gifts which means our pirates have to get these gifts back, because those gifts were prepared for the children, and you can't let them down, right? During the event, these naughty turkeys will appear in Argent City, Shaitan City and Icicle City...

Turkeys Will Drop:
Turkey Meat: you need to keep them, because they will be very useful on Christmas Day.
Turkey Summon Scroll: Want the turkey to follow you? Have a try...
Christmas Lollipop: Santa's gift which can restore HP and SP.
Christmas Greeting Card: Keep them,They will be useful on Christmas Day.
Dirty Christmas Box: Keep them,They will be useful on Christmas Day.
Christmas Stocking: Keep them,They will be useful on Christmas Day.

You'd better keep all these items, because during Christmas holiday some big surprises are waiting for you!

Besides the Turkey Hunting, we will also hold Thanksgiving Special Week, there are:

Tableware Week
Firework Week
Candy Week
Alphabet Card Week

Please click the image below for the details:


Item Mall & Award Center Activity

★Thanksgiving Sales Promotion

★Activity Time

Starts on November 5th and runs until November 31st

★Activity Location:

Item Mall


Want to have a little cute turkey accompanying you?
The price of a Turkey Summon Scroll(stack of 5) in the Item Mall is 19 mall points and in Award Center is 59 Credits, and on November 22nd we will offer you a surprising discount.

Turkey Summon Scroll: Double click to summon a Thanksgiving Turkey to follow you. Duration is 30 minutes. Loses effect upon disconnection, change of region or log off.
Forum Activity

★Pirates Give Thanks
Thanksgiving is coming, we firmly believe that at this special moment our players must have a lot to be thankful for, hence we will hold a special activity called "Pirates Give Thanks" to satisfy our players.

★Activity Duration:From 1:00 ET (GMT-5) on November 22nd ~ 23:00 ET (GMT-5) on November 25th

★Activity Contents
1. Tell us who you want to say thanks to and why.
2. Post your words under this thread.

★Rewards Rules

We will select 20 players' posts randomly, and these lucky players will gain 100 IMP, in addition, we will select some of the best posts from the 20 chosen posts to broadcast in game through the bulletin system. All players in game will see what you have to be thankful for, aren't you excited?

★Activity Location
General Speaking on TOP official forum
We hope all participants have fun and stick to the rules.